Who the f*ck is Criss Cain?

Criss Cain began his career performing alongside Broadway legend, Chita Rivera in the absolute worst show of her career, Casper - The Musical. From there, one can only go up.

After receiving his degree in vocal performance from McNally Smith College of Music, Criss flew to Barcelona where he performed lead vocals on The Carnival Sunshine cruise ship before heading to Miami to sing aboard Carnival's flagship, The Carnival Breeze. With much free time on board, and so little desire to work on his tan, he decided to take a stab at screenwriting.

By the end of his run with Carnival, Criss had completed nearly twenty screenplays, including two feature-length films and two sitcom pilots.

He's a member of the award-winning improv troupe The Idiot Boxers in Greensboro, NC
 and he owns/operates Entercainment Productions. He's also hosting, writing and producing the video podcast, "The Meaning of Life and Stuff."

He's recently begun working with Ann Wilson of Heart on a number of cool endeavers- including her first-ever feature-length concert film;
'ann wilson / in focus.' Look for it FALL '17

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He's kinda like a giraffe that eats for pleasure.
Criss Cain
(pictured above)
Actually, that's a picture of his brother Ben - 
but Ben'll never know ---
Cause he'll never visit this site.

Although their sister Stacia can be a Grade A tattletale...

Just joshin' -  Stacia'll never visit this site either.

And they wonder why Criss prefers his cousins.

Criss Cain literally learned everything he knows about basketball from Space Jam.
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Featured Video
"A Million Miles"
from Ann Wilson / In Focus
directed by Criss Cain

Criss Cain's AUTHENTRICITY is coming soon.